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No one likes to think about the unpleasant, smelly contents down in their sewer lines or drainage system. Thankfully, all this contamination and waste is usually out of sight and out of mind, deep beneath the surface. However, if there is a disruption in your main line, this toxic content can force its way back up, infiltrating the fresh, pure water you use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. 

Although most water lines are designed to have a powerful backflow prevention device keeping this disaster from occurring, these systems can fail over time. It is crucial to have reliable Pittsburgh backflow testing from our licensed experts at Professional Plumbing & Heating Co, so you can feel a true sense of assurance that your water is safe.

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What is Backflow?

Backflow is caused by a difference in pressure between a residence's or building's water system and their supply of water. This could be caused by service to the water supply or increased pressure in a commercial system. Without a proper backflow prevention device, water could go back into the water supply and contaminate the surrounding Pittsburgh businesses and homes. 

What are the Causes of Backflow?

One of the worst possible situations to undergo is having backflow come shooting back up your plumbing system, right into your clean, potable water. But what exactly causes this issue in the first place? Many people are unaware of the intricate network of cross-connections linking deep beneath the surface, and all that could go wrong when waste and contaminated water get caught in a flow reversal that returns up your faucet.

The two divisions of backflow include:

  • Backpressure backflow – This issue occurs when the pressure of the water running downstream becomes suddenly higher than the pressure of your potable system in Pittsburgh. While there are many causes of this kind of backflow, it is also known to happen when your boiler quickly increases in temperature, or when an excess of water is used at a time.
  • Backsiphonage backflow – The second type of backflow has an opposite cause, though it results in a similar effect. Created by a vacuum that emerges inside your potable system, the sudden reduction in pressure also pushes contaminated water into your fresh supply. This often occurs when there is a break deep within the water main or during a flushing of the line.


What is a Backflow Preventer?

Regardless of the kind of backflow that is currently disrupting your potable water supply, it is important to put a stop to it immediately. A backflow preventer is a special device utilized to keep either type of problem from occurring

The primary forms of preventers can include:

  • the pressure vacuum breaker assembly unit,
  • the reduced-pressure principle assembly, or 
  • the double check valve assembly device

There are other options available as well, which all serve the same purpose of making a gap or barrier to block contaminated water from pouring in. If you are interested in installing this device, contact our Pittsburgh backflow prevention experts.

The Importance of Testing Your Backflow Preventer

However, over a period of time, your preventer may not be working as well as it should be. This is why it is so crucial that our dedicated technicians test that your devices are performing correctly, or else they will need to be replaced. Our licensed Pittsburgh backflow testing team offering  services at Professional Plumbing & Heating Co that inspect both the flow direction and the differentiated water pressures to ensure that your device is keeping your water supply safe. In addition to our backflow testing, we also provide professional water heater repair and installation!

If you are experiencing this issue, contact our team today for backflow testing in Pittsburgh, PA.

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