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We don’t usually like to think about our sewers on account of the smelly contents within, but these powerful draining lines are essential to safely transport toxic waste away from our homes and businesses. If your sewer is not functioning correctly, either because it has spouted a leak or has corroded so much that a whole section needs to be replaced, immediately reach out to us for speedy, dependable sewer repair. 

It is important to properly inspect sewer lines before any repairs are made in order to effectively identify the cause of sewer line issues and address them in an appropriate manner. During a sewer line inspection, areas such as clogs, backups, leaks, and broken pipes can be identified and repaired. To keep your sewer system functioning optimally and prevent future problems or more expensive repairs, sewer line maintenance should be scheduled every one to two years depending on your sewer line type and usage. Sewer line inspections performed regularly will not only save you money down the road but also give you peace of mind knowing your sewer lines are working properly.

Our certified Pittsburgh sewer repair experts at Professional Plumbing & Heating are devoted to making sure that your sewer lines are back to working properly as quickly as possible.

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Determining Where Your Sewer Line Issue Is

Before we even take any steps to begin repairing or replacing your sewer line, it is crucial to discover exactly where the problem is located. After all, if your sewer line only has been experiencing a leak in a single trouble spot, there is no need to undergo a costly replacement of your whole line.

To pinpoint the precise location of a hole or a crack in the sewer, our skilled Pittsburgh sewer line repair technicians first carefully inspect the depths of your lines with the most advanced form of plumbing technology on the market – our fiber optic video cameras. These cameras allow us to see the inside of your sewers in real time. 

Once Pittsburgh sewer line repair experts have carefully assessed the situation, without unnecessarily disturbing your beautiful yard at all, then we can diagnose the perfect solution for efficiently getting your sewer lines back to working optimally.

Emergency Support for All Your Sewer Needs

Perhaps one of the worst parts of a sewer line problem is that they are very difficult to predict, even if you are on the alert for the warning signals mentioned above. Sometimes, because your sewer lines are so deep below the surface, they might be experiencing a catastrophic leak without you ever knowing. Thankfully, our Pittsburgh sewer line repair specialists at Professional Plumbing & Heating Co is on hand to provide emergency aid for when those unexpected disasters occur. 

When to Repair or Replace Your Sewer Line

Depending on how extensive or light the damage is, our plumbers will determine what would be the best kind of solution to fix your sewer problem. In certain scenarios, you might only need a bit of pipe re-lining, which involves adding a tough epoxy cure to repair a small leak. However, if the line has been damaged past the point of repairs, it may be necessary to utilize trenching or an open cut to remove the line and put in a powerful new replacement. 

Warning Signs You Need Sewer Repair or Replacement

  • A yard that is experiencing flooding
  • Foul odors emerging from the sewer line or even around your home
  • Difficulties draining in multiple parts of your plumbing system
  • Water damage and stains around your furniture and walls
  • The presence of mold and mildew
  • Clogs in your toilets, shower, or sink

Regardless of the exact type of issue happening in your line, contact our Pittsburgh sewer line repair experts as soon as you begin noticing warning signs that your sewer is in trouble.

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