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Our water lines are crucial components of our plumbing systems, bringing in fresh, potable water and carrying away all the contaminated waste that has been washed down the drain. If your lines are not functioning properly, it is important to schedule rapid water line repair before they cause a greater problem to develop. 

Our trustworthy Pittsburgh water line repair experts at Professional Plumbing & Heating Co are prepared to deliver excellent repairs so your lines are just as good as new. 

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Repairing & Repiping Your Water Lines

Have you noticed that the water has turned an unsightly brown or yellow, or even has little bits of rusty metal and minerals floating around in it? This is usually an indicator that your pipes have slowly been deteriorating as they have aged. Plumbing systems in older properties are especially prone to this issue, since they are often composed of galvanized pipes. These pipes are formed of iron, then coated with zinc. However, if the zinc erodes over several years, the exposed iron below will rust and break off into your water.

In certain cases, our Pittsburgh water line repair technicians can repair individual parts of your pipe by identifying the exact location of the issue with our powerful video camera. However, if it appears that many portions of the pipes are suffering from this problem, it may be necessary to completely remove the old pipes and replace them with safe and strong copper lines.

Emergency Support for Your Water Lines in Pittsburgh, PA

The unfortunate truth is that water lines always seem to need repairs at the most inconvenient of times, perhaps when you are about to leave on a trip, or when you have a lot of guests visiting over the weekend. Even though there is no way to feel completely prepared for this problem, you can at least not feel that you are on your own, since our Pittsburgh water line team offers dedicated support for these kinds of situations. 

Simply get ahold of our Pittsburgh water line repair technicians at Professional Plumbing & Heating Co for a powerful solution during these anxious moments. Make sure you take a look at what everyone is saying about our services and the specials we are providing!

Signs That Your Water Lines Need to Be Repaired

If your drains are running very slowly or even causing dirty water to flow back up into your sink, this might be a sign that a break in the water line has already occurred. However, there are other subtle indications that demonstrate that your water line needs to be repaired as quickly as possible before a bigger catastrophe – such as a large flood of sewage – occurs in your Pittsburgh home. 

Some of the warning signals that you need to have your lines checked by our dedicated team include:

  • A low amount of water pressure caused by corroded pipes
  • Water that has a yellow color or appears rusty from galvanized pipes
  • Water that tastes strongly of minerals or has grains of iron and copper in it
  • Pools of water are collecting in your sink, tub, or toilet
  • You can hear gurgling sounds coming from the drains

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